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These are the shrooms you’re looking for. Albino Jedi Mind Fuck: the name really says it all with this one. An enjoyable, enlightening trip. Albino Jedi Mind Fuck has large white caps, thick stems and dark blue bruising, so you know it’s high in psilocybin. It was originally created by crossing Jedi Mind Fuck with Albino A+ strains.



Strain Effects


Feel the force all around you: Albino Jedi will fill you with love for everything around you, be it people, yourself, nature, the world… In lower doses of 1-2 grams you’ll find the high pleasing without getting overwhelmed by the experience. If you hit it harder than 2 grams you can expect to see through the veil, feel at one with the whole universe and your ego will melt away so you can appreciate your own existence in balance with everything else. Or, you might just giggle a lot and see some cool stuff. Not everyone has the same trip.

Albino Jedi Mind Fuck Magic Mushrooms

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