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Albino Penis Envy is the non-pigmented version of Penis Envy. It was developed by Workman at Sporeworks.


This strain is just as potent as the conventional Penis Envy mushroom and produces prolific flushes. The only trade-off is that this strain is much more prone to aborts than the original strain, so this is considered an intermediate-level strain for home growers.

This is a very popular mushroom because of its unique appearance and exceptional potency. Over the past 4 Psilocybin Cups, 32 APE entries have been recorded. The average psilocybin content is around 0.93%, the average psilocin is 0.14%, and the average total tryptamine levels are 1.10%. The highest concentration recorded was 2.34% in a sample submitted by Dr. Greythumb in the spring 2021 competition.

Albino Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

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