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Looking for a modern Jack Herer to spice up your day? Keep an eye out for Jack Fruit, a more fine and complex terpinolene strain for 2024, bred by Raw Genetics. Jack Fruit brings together the classic, sativa hybrid J1, but crosses it to a dessert strain Puffo Gelato (that’s Blue Sherbert x French Toast).


Jack Fruit keeps all the Jacky goodness, but adds this delicious fruit rind layer that transfers to the smoke. This stuff did not last long around the house—it’s so great for daytime work. Award-winning Redding, CA brand A Golden State said they were hunting a Jack Fruit for a potential run in 2024. This one ain’t for sale yet, but rest assured: When we know, you’ll know, too. Go check out A Golden State’s new flagship store and watch the grass grow in real time.

THC 29%


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