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Shine Gold Cone 24K Midas King Size


Shine King Size 24K Gold Cone Is one of the First producers of 24k gold smoking papers which comes the new handcrafted Shine King size Gold Cone.

This is probably the world's first sophisticated luxurious smoking cone, made from the finest 24k edible gold leaf. Shine's Cone's are pure luxury smoking, This product is definitely the party piece to get all your friends sitting round you.


The Gold Cone is already been pre-rolled for your enjoyment. The perfect treat for Christmas, festivals, parties, birthdays or just treat yourself and enjoy it.


Shine 24k Gold Cones are used by some of the worlds smoking famous celebrities. If you like to chill or party you will certainly impress your mates with a Shine 24k Gold Cone. - Genuine Shine 24K Papers - King Size Gold Cone - Edible 24K Gold - 24k Deluxe - 1 Cone Per Pack - Pre-Rolled Gold Cone - Slow Burn - Burns Evenly - Made in The USA

Shine Gold Cone 24K Midas King Size

SKU: 0061
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