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PackMan berry payton strain The Hybrid, debatably the most palatable mix, has arrived in disposable form. It birthed from a Gary Payton crossed with Strawberry Fritter. This hybrid is heavily sought after. It has a sweet and earthy flavor with heavy hints of berry mixtures. The effects of this strain are very cerebral, providing a boost of energy and focus. Often shared, one will experience bold berries by inhaling while leaving an aftertaste of strawberries and gas.


Indulge in the sweet and succulent flavors of PackMan Berry Payton Thc vape. This delectable e-liquid combines a medley of ripe berries, creating a fruity goodness that will tantalize your taste buds. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and refreshing world of Berry Payton and experience a vaping sensation that is both delightful and satisfying.


Sweet and Succulent Vaping Delight


PackMan Berry Payton Thc vape is designed to deliver a sweet and succulent vaping delight. Each inhales will envelop your palate in a symphony of delightful flavors, leaving a pleasant and lingering sweetness. It’s a taste sensation that will brighten your day and provide a moment of pure vaping bliss.


Medley of Ripe and Juicy berry payton strain


Experience the harmonious blend of ripe and juicy berries with PackMan Berry Payton Thc vape. This e-liquid combines the best of nature’s bounty, combining the flavors of luscious strawberries, succulent blueberries, and mouthwatering raspberries. The result is a medley that bursts with freshness and offers a delightful complexity.


Perfect for Fruit Lovers and Refreshing Vapes


If you’re a fruit lover who craves the taste of juicy berries or enjoys a refreshing vape, PackMan berry payton strain is the perfect choice. It caters to those who appreciate the natural sweetness and vibrant flavors of fruits. Treat yourself to a vaping experience that invigorates your senses and satisfies your fruity cravings.


Packman Disposable Berry Payton (Hybrid) 2 GRAMS

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