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The Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom (Psilocybe Cubensis) is the most well know and consumed mushroom of the Psilocybe Cubensis varieties. These are perfect for Experienced Psychonauts looking for extra strong small dose capsules or heroic, spiritual journeys!


Recommended for Experienced Psychonauts Only!


750 mg of Organic Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms per capsule


Just starting your journey? Try our Variety Pack Microdose Capsules 100mg 




  • These 750mg capsules are a perfect for strong small doses or for going on heroic, spiritual journeys
  • The mushrooms are grown organically in-house
  • We take the utmost care in all aspects from planting to harvest to make sure the quality of the product is top-notch
  • All batches are lab tested for quality


Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Capsules 750mg Effects


Golden Teacher magic mushrooms have an extremely calming effect at low doses. You’ll notice that these incredible magic mushrooms have relaxing properties that still your mind and body, enhance positivity & fullness, colourslightness, & giddiness.  Although Golden Teachers don’t usually have strong visuals, there is a distinctly spiritual component to them.


Effects (over 500mg)


The psychedelic journey of these mushrooms at higher doses (Over 500mg) is known to have a profound impact including:


  • laughter
  • enhanced colours
  • lightness
  • giddiness
  • powerful emotions
  • euphoria
  • spiritually in tune
  • increased perception
  • minor visual distortions
  • spiritual revolutions
  • altered consciousness
  • minor hallucinations
  • time-altering perceptions


Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom 750mg Each Capsules (15.000MG))

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