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Kootenay Labs Budder is an expertly crafted premium wax concentrate with a high terpene profile and high THC levels. Taken one step further from shatter, budder is whipped on a hot plate at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit before placing in vacuum oven.


Budder is a soft sticky wax with different textures based on starting materials. Some budder may have a similar consistency of sauce, while others look more like crumble with a bumpier slightly drier texture.


Contains 1 gram of high grade budder concentrate.


THC Level: 80-90%


How To Use Budder:


The best way to  use budder is of course using a dab rig, or a specialized wax vapourizer pen like the Stone Smiths’ Slash Concentrates Dab Pen, however many users enjoy also distributing small pieces throughout a joint and rolling it up.  However you use it, expect a nice clean high with exceptional taste.


Kootenay Labs – Budder

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