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    After numerous requests, we decided to introduce our latest offering – Magic Mushroom Shake (Very Powerfull)! This is a mixture of various psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms from the bottom of bags so its the strongest part, that we don’t use for normal orders.


Essentially, it’s a combination of micro-shrooms and shake that we like to call our Magic Mushroom Shake. The potency is just as strong as our other strains (trust me, we tested it), but offered at an incredibly low price!


Magic Mushroom Shake is great for blending with shakes, blending with tea, making shroom edibles, and whatever else you can think of! This is a great option for our budget-friendly consumers! Achieve that same euphoric trip, but only for a fraction of the cost!

Magic Mushroom Shake (Full Ounce95$)

Full Ounce: 28
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