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Killer Queen strain weed is a balanced hybrid created in British Columbia, Canada, by Brothers Grimm. It is a cross of two high-quality strains: Cinderella 99 and G13. When you have a greater degree of experience, you may also find it possible to increase your overall yield significantly.This is a relatively potent strain, and you should feel the initial effects rapidly.


Users often report feeling pressure forming around the forehead and behind the eyes. Once you become used to this odd sensation, you’ll find yourself thinking more deeply than usual as the cerebral high helps you focus intently. As a result, a few tokes of Killer Queen could help you get through mind-numbingly tedious tasks.


One of the significant benefits of the Killer Queen high is the ability to think straight.


However, if you are in relaxation mode, you can lie back and enjoy the glow of euphoria. It is a good option for a group smoking session. Once the effects move into the body, your limbs will begin to feel heavy.


At this point, your main goal is to find a nice place to sit or lie down. As it moves from clear-headedness to sedation within a couple of hours, you should probably use Killer Queen in the evening.



Generally, the Killer Queen marijuana strain has a pleasant, potent, fruity and earthy smell that fills a room. If you cure it adequately, you should also get hints of orange. Pay close attention, and you may also get an herbal aroma with tinges of sweetness that linger and make you want to try the strain immediately.



This strain offers a tangy and sour taste akin to green apples. After the initial fruit burst, you may also get soil and floral notes. In some cases, a cut could even provide you with the slightest hint of a tropical flavor.



Killer Queen has the usual dense indica structure with mossy green leaves, orange and brown pistils, and a coating of white trichomes. The nugs themselves often have a circular shape but can take up an array of unusual forms.


THC Content – 27%

Killer Queen (HYBRID)

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