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Matrix Gold HTFSE Terp Sauce: From Our Lab to Your Vibe


At Medicalhigh, we’re obsessed with pushing the boundaries of cannabis extraction. We tirelessly refine our craft, obsessing over every detail to deliver the ultimate vaping experience. And let us tell you, the Matrix Gold HTFSE Terp Sauce Cartridge is the pinnacle of our pursuit.


This isn’t just a cartridge, it’s a masterpiece. We start with premium flower, meticulously extracted using our cutting-edge HTFSE technique. This unlocks a treasure trove of cannabinoids and terpenes, the true essence of the plant. But that’s not all. We then infuse it with our signature terpene sauce, a symphony of meticulously curated flavors that explodes on your palate with every puff.


Here’s what sets Matrix Gold apart:


HTFSE Alchemy: We’ve unlocked the full potential of the plant. Expect more cannabinoids, more terpenes, and a richer, more well-rounded high that engages both body and mind with this High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract.


Terpene Symphony: We’re not just talking about flavor, we’re talking about an experience. Our terpene sauce is a labor of love, crafted to elevate your vape into a sensory revelation. Think citrus swirls with pine, berry dances with earth, and every puff becomes a journey into aromatic bliss.


Crafted with Care: From the hand-selected flower to the precise extraction process, every step in the Matrix Gold journey is about meticulous attention to detail. We care, and it shows in every flawless, flavorful draw.


Don’t settle for the ordinary. Matrix Gold is for those who seek the extraordinary. It’s for the connoisseurs, the seekers, the ones who understand that cannabis is more than just a buzz, it’s an experience.


Embrace the Matrix Gold Magic:


Uplifting Euphoria: Feel your worries melt away and creativity blossom as the potent blend of cannabinoids and terpenes washes over you.


Deep Relaxation: Surrender to the soothing calm, letting stress and tension evaporate with each smooth puff.


Focused Clarity: Sharpen your mind and conquer your day with the clear-headed power of HTFSE.


A Flavor Feast: Prepare for an aromatic adventure. Each puff is a kaleidoscope of terpene-infused delights, leaving you wanting more.


Matrix Gold HTFSE Terp Sauce isn’t just a cartridge, it’s a statement. It’s a testament to our passion, our dedication, and our unwavering commitment to crafting the finest cannabis experiences on Earth. Experience the difference. Add Matrix Gold to your cart today and unlock a world of bliss.



 90% Cannabinoid Content.



Matrix Gold THC Cartridge (1.1Gram)

SKU: 0062
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