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THC∆8/CBG Kief Joints are coated with 150mg of THC Delta-8 distillate and rolled in Premium CBG Kief. The flower and the Kief are from the CBG strain Janet’s G, a brand new cultivar from our friends at the Hemp Mine. The sativa leaning terpene profile of the Janet’s G supports energy and good vibes. The CBG and THC ∆8 work synergistically to reduce inflammation, pain, and stress. When cannabinoids are combined they have greater effects than one individual cannabinoid by itself. The THC ∆8 is a potent pain reliever and the CBG works like CBD to reduce inflammation and increase circulation without diminishing the psychoactive effects of the THC ∆8. These powerfully smooth, potent joints will send the blood rushing to your cheeks and put a smile on your face.

THC∆8/CBG Kief Joints

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